At the heart of TacAero we want to see more people enjoy the excitement and thrill of flight. We understand that tailwheel flying represents a unique challenge on that path but we firmly believe it is not only the most enjoyable but also the safest approach. In our commitment to the aviation community, we are thrilled to announce the launch of TacAero Outposts across the United States. These Outposts are designed to make access to our specialized and custom tailwheel training programs easier for those dreaming of flying these amazing aircraft.

Our vision for the TacAero Outposts extends beyond mere convenience. We aim to create hubs of aviation enthusiasm and expertise, fostering an environment where enthusiasts can gather, learn, and embark on their aviation journeys. These Outposts will be home to a diverse range of tailor-made tailwheel training programs, providing aspiring pilots with a rich selection of entry-level courses throughout the year.

We believe that our Outposts will serve as vibrant centers for aviators, not only making the path to tailwheel mastery more attainable but also fostering a tight-knit community where aviation dreams can truly take flight. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey.


We believe the backcountry is the ultimate destination. No vehicle provides more access to the wilderness than a tailwheel airplane. We recognize that off-airport operation requires more skill and precision than any other form of flying. Our goal is to train pilots beyond FAA minimums so they are prepared for the adventure that is bush flying. We offer a unique tailwheel training program, developed in-house, that has proven to produce a safer and more skilled aviator. This track also better prepares a pilot for going on to obtain additional ratings like commercial and ATP.



TacAero strives to create aviators, not just pilots, we do this is by specializing in tailwheel training. From tailwheel instruction to advanced backcountry operations, we train our students to not only fly the airplane but to master their skills at every stage.

As experienced and professional flight instructors, our objective is to build an elite community of tailwheel aviators. Whether a new private pilot or a retired airline pilot, we demonstrate our commitment to each student across an array of training options. We provide courses for pilots seeking a tailwheel rating, those looking to improve tailwheel skills, and those wanting to start learning off airport operations.  

Proficient tailwheel pilots can build upon fundamental skills with our Advanced Tailwheel Operations Course. For heightened adventure, pilots master backcountry techniques during our Basic Backcountry Operations Course and Advanced Operations Course. New owners of a CubCrafters aircraft can choose between the Basic and Comprehensive CubCrafters Checkout for an in-depth education on the systems and performance specific to their model. Persons flying for Fish and Wildlife Service, law enforcement, etc., benefit from our course specially designed to increase safety and proficiency during flight profiles commonly executed in government roles.


Each course is immersive and highly structured, demanding dedication and superior performance from both student and instructor. We take full advantage of our diverse training environments and programs to help each aviator reach their goal.

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