World renowned antique aircraft restorers Rare Aircraft of Faribault, Minnesota has announced support for advanced tailwheel training in Biplane aircraft through TacAero.  At TacAero you can learn to fly a Biplane in either a 1942 Waco UPF-7 or 1943 PT17 Stearman. This course takes you through the paces in a Cub and advances you to the Radial Biplane. “You haven’t truly experienced the absolute magic of flight until you’ve flown an open cockpit Biplane!” – Wes Valpey, TacAero Chief Pilot.

TacAero’s Vintage Aeroplane training programs are available for a wide variety of aircraft. When you’ve purchased a new Stinson, Stearman or Waco from our partners at RARE Aircraft or need recurrent training in your vintage aeroplane,  TacAero has a training program for you. These courses are individually tailored to fit each pilot’s specific needs paired with their unique aircraft. Each training course uses a customized outline with several ground lessons intermingled with 8-12 flights during your flight training. Elite Aviators never stop training; continue yours with TacAero

Transition Training

Flying an open cockpit Bi-Plane will be an unmatched experience. TacAero reaches back to a tried and true model of training that was first implemented by the Civilian Pilot Training program prior to WWII. Through principles of Look, Listen, and Feel, you will develop a bond with the soul of these airplanes that cannot be duplicated with a modern machine.

The student will start off in the legendary Cub and will advance to the Stearman or WACO after demonstrating the ability to fly safely and effectively from the rear seat. With thousands of hours of combined tailwheel experience, our instructors are highly skilled professionals whose primary goal is to increase your knowledge and proficiency allowing you to safely fly the airplane with confidence.


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