The TacAero Aviators Club, a vibrant community that brings together passionate tailwheel and backcountry pilots under one adventurous banner. The club is designed for those who appreciate the thrill of mastering tailwheel aircraft, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, and living for the freedom of backcountry flying. Whether you’re a seasoned tailwheel pilot or just purchased your first tailwheel aircraft, our club offers top-tier training, specialized maintenance programs, unforgettable fly-outs, and a host of exclusive services.

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Embark on extraordinary flying adventures with TacAero’s Aviators Club Expeditions, where we curate unparalleled experiences for aviation enthusiasts. Our Expeditions go beyond traditional flying excursions, offering a comprehensive package of logistics, expert guidance, and an immersive community of aviators.

Logistics Arrangement -
Let TacAero take care of the intricate details. Our team handles logistics, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey. From flight planning to accommodations, we’ve got it covered.

Expert Flight Instructors and Mechanics -
Join our Expeditions and fly under the guidance of seasoned flight instructors. Whether you’re honing your skills or seeking new challenges, our team is dedicated to enhancing your proficiency. Our on-site mechanics guarantee the reliability of your aircraft throughout the adventure.

Guided Backcountry Flying -
Explore the world’s most breathtaking backcountry airstrips guided by TacAero’s experienced team. From majestic mountain landscapes to hidden gems, our Expeditions take you to places that redefine the thrill of aviation.


Ensure your aircraft is in peak condition with TacAero’s Annual/Condition Inspection Maintenance. Entrust your aircraft’s annual service to our team of expert technicians. Benefit from meticulous inspections and comprehensive maintenance procedures tailored to meet the highest industry standards. With this option, you not only secure the longevity of your aircraft but also gain peace of mind knowing that it is in the hands of skilled professionals. Elevate your flying experience by choosing TacAero for the essential care and maintenance your aircraft deserves.


Enhance your aviation skills with our Advanced TacAero Training, a customizable 5-day program. Benefit from a discounted rate for each training event. You have the flexibility to conduct training on your aircraft or utilize our fleet aircraft (subject to rental rates). Choose the
convenience of training at your location, with additional expenses. Training sessions are available on weekdays during regular business hours, ensuring flexibility and accessibility to meet your individual training needs. Elevate your proficiency and expertise with TacAero’s tailored Advanced Training option.


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