During the year TacAero will be embarking on 10 trips. On all trips we will have a maintenance technician to assist with any upgrades, maintenance or work needed to your aircraft. We will also have several of our CFI’s there ready to jump in your aircraft with you to help increase your skill level during the trip. If you would like to join an expedition, email or click the request invite link on your dashboard.


FLORIDA Expedition
March 31 - April 3

Starting off south of Tallahassee we will get to followthe Gulf of Mexico towards Saint Petersburg. Stoppingoff at a few attractions along the way we end upvisiting some good friends from the National ParkService, granting us some access to restricted areasand airports along the route. A tour of the islands offthe Florida Keys and spending a night in Key Westenjoying the tropical islands. From there northbound,low level along the shoreline of Miami Beach, FortLauderdale, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beachtowards Jacksonville before heading home.

April 21-23

TacAero’s home base Expedition. We will be showing off our home facilities as well as surrounding areas in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Get to fly TacAero’s entire fleet of aircraft including our Waco UPF-7,Amphibious Top Cub, Carbon Cubs and XCub. We will be staying at a local ranch as well as the Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg. On Saturday TacAero will be hosting our annual fly in to Fredericksburg. That night we will be hosting a party from the Hangar Hotel, our members are granted VIP passes.

ozark Expedition
JUNE 9-12

This Expedition is for the more adventurous. We will be linking up again with the Fly OZ group from Bentonville and spending a weekend flying in the Ozarks Backcountry and throughout Arkansas and Missouri.This year we will be spending a few nights camping under our wings at some of our favorite spots such asRichland field and Byrdes. We will also be joining a fishing trip from Gaston’s White River Resort.

JULY 7-10

Private expedition requested by a founding Member.

oj sharpe mississippi

A beautiful ranch strip, situated alongside the beautifulMississippi river allowing sand bar landings just 3miles away. A group of like-minded pilots celebratingthe life of past aviators at the annual OJ Sharpe FlyIn. We are guests of Andy Sharpe and he has allowedus to join him for the annual fly in.

September 14-18

Celebrate the final Reno Air Races with an unforgettable backcountry adventure! This unique expedition offers a great blend of backcountry flying and the historic Reno Air Race. Join us as we venture into the scenic wilderness of the Nevada backcountry and enjoy an all access pass to the final Reno Air Races.

Expedition Members will have access to the TacAero Race box, providing an up-close view of the races and incredible aerial displays. Along with these great seats, you'll also receive display tickets, and  pit passes, allowing you to get up close to the aircraft and interact with the talented pilots and crews. It will be a true VIP experience throughout the entire event.

Join us for this extraordinary adventure and be a part of history as we bid farewell to the legendary Reno Air Race in grand style. Don't miss this unique opportunity to celebrate the end of an aviation era alongside unforgettable wilderness adventures!

canyonlands EXPEDITION
September 15-18

Following on from our most popular Expeditions of 2022. A combination of the highlights of our Moab and Southwest Expedition we get to fly through some of the most dramatic scenery in the country. We will be based off Lake Powell and encompass both float flying and backcountry. For those feeling more adventurous, a smaller group will be breaking off and spending a night camping under the stars

IDAHO Expedition
September 29 - October 2

We will be flying through backcountry aviators paradise.Visiting some famous locations such as JohnsonCreek, Marble Creek, Lower Loon all whilst navigating around mountain ranges such as the Sawtooth, Anaconda, and the Salmon River Mountains. MountainFlying Seminars will be taking place in the evenings whilst sitting around the campfire.

deadcow Expedition
October 9 - 12

Based from a private facility built on the edge of Deadcow dry lake bed we get to fly around some of the famous landing areas in Nevada. A STOL Drag training camp followed by a guided trip exploring the local landing areas. We will also be the first group to fly the Deadcow STOL Cross track.

ALASKA Expedition
June  2024

With the increasing popularity of our Alaska Expedition and the unfortunate cancellation of 2022’s Expedition due to Covid, we have chosen to offer the Alaska Expedition as a Private Expedition. Invitations will be sent out to previously interested members as well as Platinum and Founding Members.


BAJA 1000
South America
New Zealand