Carbon Cub
Transition Training

TacAero provides CubCrafter owners with purpose-built flight training options for CubCrafters’ entire line of modern backcountry aircraft.  TacAero indoctrinates these clients on the unique operating systems and procedures for their particular CubCrafter airplane so that they are intimately aware of their specific aircraft’s capabilities and limitations.  We train CubCrafter owners how to properly use the advanced avionics installed in their CubCrafters aircraft; after training with TacAero they can master the cockpit automation, and appropriately manage their workload while flying over the hinterlands. TacAero instructs CubCrafter owners how to handle abnormal, and emergency situations; so they can have peace of mind when embarking on their next wilderness adventure.

Any instructor can give their student an insurance checkout.  We aren’t interested in meeting minimum requirements.  We train our CubCrafters students how to leverage the incredible capabilities of these amazing aircraft.


Have a new CubCrafters airplane in the hanger, or on order? TacAero wants to help you get the most from your particular model. The Basic checkout provides a full day of digging into the operating systems and procedures specific to your exact aircraft. We also familiarize you with how the airplane responds in various flight profiles—ranging from normal to emergency procedures. Upon course completion you’ll be ready to take your new aircraft and start exploring your backyard, and the backcountry. Prerequisites for this course are 50 hours tailwheel, 5 within the previous 90 days.

1 Day

Owners Plane*
Top Cup
Carbon Cub FX2
Carbon Cub FX3

*Carbon Cub SS training conducted on an FX2 for Weight and Balance

Comprehensive Checkout

If you’re a new owner of a CubCrafters aircraft with limited tailwheel experience, TacAero’s Comprehensive CubCrafters Checkout helps you master tailwheel operations from the comfort of your own airplane. New or recent CubCrafters owners gain proficiency in ground operations, three-point landings and wheel landings, power-on and power-off approaches, crosswind landings, and power-off precision landings. We also provide an in-depth education on the operating systems and emergency procedures specific to your CubCrafters model. You’ll leave with confidence in your skills and a comprehensive understanding of just how capable your new backcountry airplane is.

5 Days

Owner’s Plane*  
Top Cub
Carbon Cub FX2
Carbon CubFX3

*Carbon Cub SS training conducted on an FX2 for weight and balance


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