Hood River FBO Rental Policies

Aircraft Rental Terms


Renter shall pay for the use of Aircraft and any applicable training in accordance with TacAero's then current stated prices and policies. Aircraft Rental Fees are due and payable at the conclusion of each Rental Period, unless payment is received in advance in which case such payment will be held by TacAero as a credit balance and applied to rental and training services until that credit balance has been exhausted. Aircraft Rental Fees are based upon the Hobbs meter time and rounded up to the nearest 1/10th hour.


In consideration of Rental Fees charged under this Agreement, TacAero agrees to reimburse the Renter for the cost of fuel, up to the current fuel rate at Hood River Airport, or oil added to the Aircraft by the Renter during a given Rental Period provided that an original receipt evidencing such fuel charges are provided to TacAero at the conclusion of the Rental Period. TacAero will not reimburse the Renter for any landing fees, ramp fees, or tie-down fees at other airports.


A Rental Period for the Aircraft is defined as that time period during which the Renter has taken authorized release of the keys of the Aircraft from TacAero and concludes with the Renter tying down and securing the Aircraft and with return of the keys of the Aircraft to TacAero prior to leaving the premises. The Renter agrees that he/she is responsible for payment of a lost key fee of $25.00. The Renter acknowledges that TacAero has no obligation to hold an Aircraft reservation for more than thirty (30) minutes after the start time of a Rental Period. Renter also agrees to return the aircraft at the scheduled time as to not affect TacAero’s rental operations or flight instruction.


Payment is due when services are rendered. TacAero accepts cash, checks, major credit cards and Apple Pay for services rendered. All checks returned for “Insufficient Funds” will incur a service charge in an amount of $20.00 per check, in addition to the cost of services rendered.


The Aircraft are permitted to be utilized for an overnight Rental Period with prior approval from a TacAero employee. The Renter agrees to a three (3) hour per day minimum Rental Fee not including the first day of the Rental Period. The Renter further agrees to limit the Rental Period to not more than four (4) days.


The Renter agrees to comply with all state, federal, and local laws, regulations and ordinances, including all Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

Pilot Requirements


The Renter is solely responsible for maintaining all current certificates and ratings for Aircraft to be flown and for carrying all documentation in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). It is the Renter Pilot’s sole responsibility to comply with all FARs concerning currency.


The Renter shall operate the aircraft in accordance with a TacAero approved checklist or the Aircraft manufacturer’s checklist.


With the exception of flight training, the Renter shall be PIC and at no time relinquish control of the aircraft.


Prior to receiving permission to rent a TacAero Aircraft through this Agreement, the Renter must undergo a flight checkout in the Aircraft with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) authorized by TacAero. Further, to rent a TacAero conventional gear Aircraft, the Renter must be a Private Pilot or more advanced, and have one of the following:

  • 100 hours total time, 25 hours convention gear, and 5 hours in same make and model; -or-
  • 10 hours dual in same make and model with a minimum of 20 full stop takeoffs and landings.

Also, to rent a TacAero C-182, the renter must be a Private Pilot or more advanced and have one of the following:

  • 100 hours as PIC, and 25 hours in same make and model; -or-
  • 10 hours dual in same make and model with 20 full stop takeoffs and landings.

Renter further agrees to undergo a flight checkout more than 90 days since the Renter’s last flight as pilot-in-command of the same make and model as the Aircraft.


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires proof of United States citizenship with a current U.S. Passport or Birth Certificate with Drivers License. Any citizen of another country must meet approval by the TSA Alien Student Training Program prior to any flight training.


The Renter will not operate the Aircraft if, within twelve (12) hours of any flight, the Renter has: (a) consumed intoxicating liquor; (b) sedatives or any substance not approved by the FAA that could otherwise impair Renter’s ability to safely conduct flight operations; or, (c) a physical condition that otherwise causes impairment in any way that could affect Renter’s faculties in any way contrary to safety. The Renter further agrees that during the Rental Period, he/she meets the fitness-for-flight criteria set forth in the then-current Chapter 8, Section 1, of the FAA Aeronautical Information Manual, as amended from time to time.

Aircraft Operations


It is the Renter’s sole responsibility to comply with all FARs, the aircraft manufacturer’s guidelines, and TacAero’s guidelines regarding pre-flight procedures and inspection. Any damage, un-airworthy conditions, or missing documents discovered during pre-flight of the aircraft must be reported to TacAero prior to the flight. The Renter agrees not to accept the Aircraft until he or she is satisfied with the Aircraft airworthiness, and the functioning of its equipment and accessories. If the Renter begins a flight in an aircraft that is known to not be in an airworthy condition, he/she assumes all liability and responsibility for any damage or injury that may result from such an action. Any damage found post-flight must be reported prior to leaving TacAero's premises. Any damage caused by the Renter and not reported will result in termination of flying privileges and action being taken against the Renter for the cost of repairs.


It is the Renter’s responsibility to return the Aircraft in the same manner it was received including the master and avionics switches turned off after each flight. Further, it is Renter’s responsibility to return the Aircraft interior in a clean condition after each flight. The Renter agrees to pay a $75.00 inconvenience fee for (a) failure to turn the Aircraft’s Master Switch off upon securing the Aircraft and (b) failure to clean any mess caused by liquids or solids dropped, spilled, excreted or vomited within the interior of the Aircraft.


Renter warrants and agrees that the Aircraft will not be used for any illegal or forbidden activity including:

  • Commercial operations including carrying passengers or property for hire;
  • Carrying pets without advance written approval by TacAero;
  • Smoking or allowing smoking, in or near the Aircraft or on the Ramp; smoking on the ramp, or in the vicinity of any aircraft and/or fueling equipment within a radius of 50 feet is strictly prohibited;
  • Consuming food or beverages, other than water, in the Aircraft;
  • Any race, speed test, or contest of any description;
  • Spins (unless supervised by a CFI), aerobatics, or formation flying;
  • Hand-propping to start the Aircraft;
  • Operating beyond the limitations of the Aircraft as described in the Aircraft flight manual, placards, safety notices, and TacAero's written procedures;
  • Operating the Aircraft outside the continental United States of America;
  • Operating at unlit airports during night operations.


In the event of an accident or incident involving the Aircraft, the Renter agrees to act in accordance to all NTSB Part 830 regulations including: a) Seeking to secure the scene of the incident and prevent any further damage to passengers or aircraft, b) notifying and cooperating with the proper Federal, State, and Local authorities, and c) reporting the event to TacAero as soon as possible.

Insurance / Legal


TacAero maintains Liability and Physical Damage insurance coverage for its Aircraft, which includes the Renter. The Renter acknowledges that he or she will be responsible for the deductible or for any loss above the policy limits (listed below) in the event of damage to the Aircraft while this Agreement is in force.

  • Liability: $1,000,000 (BI & PD) Per Loss / $100,000 Per Passenger / No Deductible
  • Physical Damage: Full Stated Amount Covered / $1,000 In-Motion Deductible / $250 Not-In-Motion Deductibles


The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold TacAero harmless against any and all liabilities, claims and damages of any description, which result from or arise in connection with the Renter’s use of the Aircraft.


Renter acknowledges and agrees that, unless otherwise set forth in writing by TacAero, the Aircraft is the property of Hood Tech Corp. - Aero, Inc's subsidiary L-Bird LLC.


Renter agrees not to sublicense the Aircraft or sell, assign, or otherwise transfer this Agreement or any rights granted under this Agreement.


This Agreement is entered into in the State of Oregon and is construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon, without regard to the choice of laws provisions of that jurisdiction, and all disputes arising out of or in any way related to this Agreement and the use of the Aircraft shall be resolved exclusively, and any action or proceeding brought pursuant to or in connection herewith, or arising out of this Agreement, shall solely be brought in the state or federal courts of the State of Oregon.