Flight School

Flight Academy

Our training courses utilizes Part 61 structured curriculum which satisfies all requirements, prepares individuals for testing, and ensures students reach their aviation goals. 



Flight School

Flight Academy

Our training courses utilizes Part 61 structured curriculum which satisfies all requirements, prepares individuals for testing, and ensures students reach their aviation goals. 



The quality of a product is a function of its input. At TacAero we strive to create the best possible product, the aviator. This outcome can only be achieved with a competent instructor and the appropriate platform. We teach in conventional gear (tailwheel) aircraft because it is the best platform to conduct ab initio flight training. Tailwheel aircraft demand a level of control in all axes that simply doesn't exist in a tricycle configuration. Through the principle of forgiveness, a tricycle gear airplane develops habitual complacency. The nature of a tailwheel aircraft necessitates precision, teaching an airman awareness and positive control. The combination of skillful instruction in the appropriate platform allows TacAero to succeed in its mission; the development of a first-rate aviator. TacAero offers intro flights for $100.

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Private Pilot Certificate


Whether you plan to fly for fun, transportation or are looking to start a career in aviation, earning your Private Pilot Certificate is the first step in becoming a competent pilot. A Private Pilot Certificate gives you the ability to fly virtually anywhere you desire under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) - with passengers.  In addition, the license provides the foundation for future ratings or a career in aviation. Our course will teach you the fundamentals of flying: aerodynamics, maneuvers, aircraft performance, navigation, weather, aeronautical decision making, and regulations.

Instrument Rating


The next step after earning a Private Pilot Certificate is to add on an Instrument Rating. This rating is invaluable to those flying in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere a pilot might encounter swift weather changes. Flying in inclement weather demands a high level of skill to safely control and navigate an aircraft by utilizing the instruments within the airplane and the air traffic control system. Our Instrument Rating Course teaches you how to fly without visual references, how to read advanced aviation weather reports/forecast and provides you with the credentials required by the majority of aviation employers.

Commercial Pilot


The professional pilot is required to hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate.  Even if you do not plan to earn an income by flying, a Commercial Pilot License can help you further develop your proficiency and knowledge after you have received a Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating. Our Commercial Pilot Course takes you deeper into aircraft performance/procedures, weather, navigation, regulations and aerodynamics. This level puts you in a position to make aviation a full-time profession.


Tailwheel Endorsement


Whether you are interested in exploring the realm of backcountry aviation, or experiencing the exhilaration of aerobatic flight; earning your tailwheel endorsement is a must. Our Tailwheel Transition Course will teach you the essential  “stick and rudder” skills necessary to becoming a competent and confident tailwheel pilot, where you truly can capture the essence of flight. Join an elite fraternity of tailwheel pilots by earning your endorsement today.




The first career position for many Commercial pilots is the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Becoming a Flight Instructor is an ideal way to share your knowledge and passion for flying while continuing to gain valuable experience and hours yourself. The CFI rating is required in order to instruct others and it will make you a better pilot.



A Certified Flight Instructor with a CFII rating allows you to teach Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) to advancing pilots. CFII training ensures that you master your IFR techniques to the point that you can teach other pilots IFR skills. Becoming a CFII will also assist in expediting your career within the aviation industry.








Flight Simulator


The Redbird FMX is the first flight simulator designed to meet the new challenges faced by modern flight training. With standard features that are anything but standard the FMX delivers unmatched training value for students and provides your training a range of advantages that are simply unavailable in other training devices. TacAero’s sim is full motion and includes a GPS link to mobile devices. The FAA has approved it as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD), allowing the pilot to log flight time for approved training courses. 

Pricing: $50.00/hour