CubCrafters is the manufacture of highly capable back country aircraft that can get a pilot in and out of some amazingly technical off field environments. TacAero provides the transition training that sets up a pilot to understand the capabilities and acquire the skills to safely fly and operate these amazing aircraft. For more info on CubCrafters aircraft visit CubCrafters.com






Whether you’re contemplating purchasing a new XCub, are in the process of building your Carbon Cub EX, or already fly a Top Cub; this course will give you the knowledge and experience to safely enjoy these truly amazing aircraft. TacAero’s Factory Transition Course covers tailwheel theory, aircraft systems and procedures, and basic “stick and rudder” skills. Upon completion of our Factory Transition Course you will be comfortable and confident in your new CubCrafters airplane!



If you're already an experienced tailwheel pilot, but your insurance company still requires you to get a few hours of instruction before you take delivery of your new CubCrafters aircraft, we can help! Our experienced instructors will ensure that you become familiar with your new aircraft and that all your insurance company’s training requirements are meet. Even the most experienced tailwheel pilots will learn something from this experience.