The intent of this course is to teach the essential skills and knowledge necessary to safely enjoy this challenging and immensely rewarding form of flying. Becoming a safe and competent Backcountry Pilot requires a mastery of “stick and rudder” skills, a near encyclopedic knowledge of mountain and canyon meteorology, and adopting a mindset of always being prepared for the unexpected.





Since pilots flying in the backcountry are inherently at a greater risk of becoming isolated from civilization, we teach the practical knowledge and skills required to be able to survive, initiate rescue, and ultimately return home safely. This portion of the course is taught exclusively by veteran U.S. Air Force Survival Instructors and Pararescuemen; people that have applied these lesson in the “real world”, and know what works and what doesn’t. This is an intensive course. Expect to receive around 18 hours of one-on-one dual flight instruction, 12 hours of ground lectures, and 18 hours of hands-on survival training.

Topics that will be covered include the following:

  • Flying a Steep Stabilized Approach
  • Mountain/Canyon Navigation
  • Mountain/Canyon Meteorology
  • Emergency Canyon Turns
  • Emergency Forced Landing
  • Emergency Descent Through Clouds
  • Unimproved Field Operations
  • Confined Aera Operations
  • One-Way Airstrip Operations
  • High Density Altitude Operations
  • High Altitude Physiology 
  • Aircraft Modifications
  • Fire Craft
  • Shelter Craft
  • Survival Medicine
  • Signalling
  • Land Navigation

Course fee: $11,390

The price includes Private cabin and meals at Sulfur Creek Ranch, 7 days of hands-on survival instruction, and a custom TacAero survival knife.

Course Location:
Sulphur Creek Ranch, ID (ID74)

2017 Dates:
June 2-4 (Limited Availability)